Paving a Driveway for Looks and Purpose

Parking Lot Paving Gone Wrong: Three Reasons Why You Should Give The Contractor A Second Chance

If you recently had your parking lot paved, but it is suddenly showing signs of extreme wear and tear, you may want to give the parking lot paving contractor another chance. The thought of giving the same contractor another shot may have you cringing, but the fact is, if you do not give him or […]

3 Benefits To Using Cement For Your Patio

If you are thinking about building a patio on your house, there are things that you are going to need. One of the things that you can use to make your patio is cement. The nice thing about cement is that it is long lasting and durable. There are a lot of other benefits to […]

Pavement Ants Taking Over Your Concrete Front Step? Solve Your Problems With These Tips

If pavement ants take over your cracked concrete step, take steps to get rid of the ants and repair the crack. Although pavement ants don’t attack or bite humans, they can become big nuisances if they enter your home in search of sugar and other food sources. The black and dark brown ants tend to […]

Is Your Asphalt Parking Lot Damaged? Learn How To Repair Those Small Potholes

Nobody likes to see potholes in their parking lot. It not only looks horrible, but is a potential safety risk for customers that pass over them every single day. Thankfully, it’s easy to repair these potholes on your own if the damage is only a couple inches deep or wide. All you need to do […]

Your Commercial Parking Lot Must Have These Pavement Protection Services

If you own a commercial property, your parking lot and its maintenance are very important to ensuring safe operations and continued business. A parking lot that is in need of repairs may “drive away” business because some people may fear certain types of damages such as potholes may cause damage to their cars. Damages can […]

How Pavers Can Help Delineate Yard Space

When the weather is nice, or even not so nice, spending time outside is a big priority for many Americans. This is leading to a big increase in the popularity of outdoor spaces. Around 83% of homeowners consider their backyard an ideal entertaining space and 56% are planning to update their current outdoor space. One […]

Simple Driveway Upkeep You Can Do Yourself

If you have just had asphalt paving placed on your driveway, you will soon be enjoying the many benefits it provides including a smooth surface and the ability to melt snow and ice quickly. There are some maintenance steps you can do on your own to keep your asphalt driveway looking sharp for years to […]

Three Tips For Making A Wonderful Foundation With Your Parking Lot

When a person pulls up to your property, they will begin making a judgment about the quality of your business right away — yes, in the parking lot. Since the parking lot is where first impressions occur, you will need to make sure that yours is in the best condition possible. There are some maintenance […]

Don’t Worry About Rain After Hydroseeding

El NiƱo is coming back, and there’s a good chance that drought-stricken areas will see some rainy relief. But if you’re a homeowner who’s planting a garden and lawn, don’t let the promise of rain make you complacent about your garden’s future needs. Drought can re-occur, so it’s best to install drought-resistant plants. Hydroseeding is […]

Brick Paver Walkways Give Your Landscape A Modern Appeal

Your home should be beautiful inside and out, but you may be feeling that your home’s landscape needs a little upgrade so it matches the rest of your home’s decor. You can easily upgrade your walkways in your front and backyard with brick pavers to give your landscape the charm it needs. Learn the many […]